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Publications / Presentations / Proposals



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Title and sector of proposal
Type of proposal (APS, RFA, DAP, etc.)
Donor Role/ $$ successfully funded
2009 Liberia "Multi-Year Assistance Proposal" USAID/ Food For Peace External technical reviewer/ editor- proposal pending approval Mercy Corps
2009 Sierra Leone "Multi-Year Assistance Proposal" USAID/ Food For Peace Researcher, designed proposal approach based on field-visit proposal pending approval ACDI/VOCA with IMC
2009 Haiti Emergency food security proposal concept paper USAID/ Food For Peace External technical reviewer/ editor - proposal approved CARE
2008 Malawi "Multi-Year Assistance Proposal" USAID/ Food For Peace External technical reviewer/ editor- proposal not approved Mercy Corps and Land O'Lakes
2007 Uganda and DRC "Multi-Year Assistance Proposal" USAID/ Food for Peace External technical reviewer/ editor - proposal pending approval Mercy Corps/ International Medical Corps
Ethiopia and Ivory Coast
"New Partner’s Initiative, Technical Proposal"
U.S. Dept of State/ PEPFAR
Lead developer - $12 million
Geneva Global
KUSARD "Women, Families and HIV/AIDS"
RFP from The Collaborative Fund for HIV/AIDS Treatment, Preparedness
Lead developer - pending
Food Security / food aid
USAID’s Multi - Year - Assistance - Programs
Lead Technical Reviewer - approved, praised by USAID but unfunded due to budget cuts
Catholic Relief Services
Various proposals to the ICRC
Internal Red Cross funding requests
Lead developer - $20,000-$50,000
Pan-Africa e.g. Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Gambia, Benin), Balkans (Kosovo, Macedonia), C. Asia, some Central America (Guatemala)/ Caribbean (Haiti)
Multiple Development Activities Proposals, Emergency Operation Proposals for USAID – FFP and PVC (1995-1999 at CRS and 1999-2002 at ARC) + 2 TAPs (now Development Relief Proposals) for USAID at CRS. Many Food For Progress USDA (1999-2001 at ARC)
USAID and USDA: Development Activities Proposals (DAP), Transition Activities Proposals, Food for Progress (FFProgress)
Sectoral Food Security input + parts of problem statement, integration w/other sectors, M&E plan/ indicator, results reporting -- $3-30 million
Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross
2002 and 1998
PVO - global
ISAs at CRS and ARC
Institutional Support Agreements for USAID
Sectoral input at CRS and Lead developer at ARC - $500,000
Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, India
GAP HIV/AIDS proposal for "Care and Support" – based on RFA from USAID
Multi-year grant from USAID – collaboration with CDC
Co-lead - $3 million